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Welcome to the Home of Zidim!

My name is Richard Murray.

Here you will find the links to coverage of my various activities. (Several head to different sites.)

Are you interested in Music? On Songology you'll hear stories behind many songs from the 1960's and 70's. (We move beyond these dates as whim dictates.) Bruce has a vast library of information on the music, artist and studios that brought us this great music. Songology started as "Song of the Day" on CIDO in Creston. The station is gone now but Songology lives on. Visit the home page HERE or head right over the YouTube Channel HERE.

The Port Brennett Rail Road (PBRR) is my On30 model train layout. You can follow the progress of it's construction on it's web page. New is the addition of 3D printing. I'll be looking at how 3D printing can be integrated as another tool on the modeling workbench. The home page is HERE.

The PBRR started out as a HO scale layout. Some earl videos of the construction of some of it's elements can be seen HERE. Shortly after these videos were made, the town I was living in experianced a major flood. The layout ended up in the dump and building models became a very low priority. A few years later has me living in a small house in Creston, B.C. Due to some more curves life has thrown me, On30 is now my focus. Starting mid 2017, I'll be doing a live stream on YouTube every Wednesday morning. The target time is 10:00 AM Pacific Time. You can find the details HERE.

















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